Acoustic psychology

Acoustic psychology

Acoustic psychology and the use of Headphone (page.1)

The field of psychology range is wide.

Normally, when people hear the word psychology, they will think about Clinical Psychology and Psychoanalysis.

It is because that in general society, people think that psychology is about analyzing personality.

However, in fact, the main field of psychology is such as Experimental psychology or Cognitive psychology.

Acoustic psychology has a large element of Experimental psychology.

The volume of sound refers to the sense that people feel by hearing.

Well, I wonder whether we can measure the volume of sound people are hearing, and define the definition of the volume of sound.

If you try to try them, it is very difficult to eliminate subjective factors.

Find the objective laws

However, it is not subjective; to find the objective laws, some formulas have been considered.

They are Fechner’s law, Stevens’ law and Weber’s law.

By the way, Octave sense apparently does not match 1 octave.

Octave sense is a way of thinking such as the following.

It is recognized that 2 × N-fold and 2 × N fraction of the sound frequency has the same type as the original sound.

However, strictly speaking, the treble and bass is one octave, but the range of sound is a little wider than the exact one octave.

When you tune a piano

When you tune a piano, one octave of the treble and bass is adjusted wider range than the exact one octave.

Therefore, it is said to be able to obtain a good Octave sense.

Recently, when practicing piano, there are many people using the electronic piano in the room.

When practicing the electronic piano, Open-air type headphone is used.

If you use Closedtype headphone, the frequency will be emphasized.

The frequency

However, if you use Open-airtype headphone, a place for frequency to escape has been secured.

The reason is when the frequency (the sound) go through outside, it is possible to enjoy a more natural sound.

People have 2 ears

By the way, people have 2 ears.

Normally, people are listening to sound using the auditory function of both ears.

In this way, the ability to listen to the sound using both ears is called binaural hearing.

Stereolistening has the same meaning of the words.

In stereolistening, despite in fact the sound is heard from both ears, you can feel the sound source from the direction other than the both ears.

You can know where the sound is coming when the fusion of this sound are being carried out properly.

 Sound image

In the case of sound coming from headphones or stereo speakers, when sound is heard from another direction, it is said that Sound image is localized at that place.

Especially, when the sound source is not there at that place, it is sometimes referred to as Imaginarysound image.

If you are listening to the sound using headphone, that Sound image is located in the “center of the head”.

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